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Allmiibo Emulator

Allmiibo Emulator

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The Allmiibo Emulator is designed for serious gamers who want to maximize their experience without the clutter of physical toys. This device uses cutting-edge NFC technology to emulate any gaming figurine, unlocking new levels of gameplay and special bonuses. It's portable, easy to use, and an eco-friendly alternative to purchasing numerous figurines. Ideal for gamers who value convenience and sustainability.


Universal Compatibility: Enjoy enhanced gameplay across various gaming systems.
Advanced NFC Technology: Instantly replicate any figurine data for access to exclusive content.
Easy Setup: Simple interface allows quick and straightforward operation.
Compact and Portable: Small enough to take anywhere, enhancing your gaming on the go.
Eco-Friendly: Reduce clutter and waste with digital emulation of physical figurines.


Elevate your gaming experience with the Allmiibo Emulator – more play, less clutter.


Bluetooth Transmission Instructions

This mode is used to manage the internal storage space of Allmiibo zero.


  1. Open the website using Google Chrome browser.
  2. After pairing the device, you can manage the internal files through this website.
  3. You can manage Amiibo data.

iOS & Android

  1. Search and install “Amiloop” in App Store.
  2. Download Data file and share it to the APP.
  3. Authorize the APP to obtain location and Bluetooth permissions (Bluetooth location permissions on the phone need to be opened for use)
  4. Open the APP, select the  data you want to write, click “Write”, and the APP will prompt for successful writing
  5. Select amiibo mode in the game, and then use Allmiibo zero to touch the NFC touchpoint.
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