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MigFlash Dumper

MigFlash Dumper

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Here's the info from MigFlash:

We've had numerous inquiries about the availability of our second product: The Mig Dumper. The Mig Dumper complements your Mig Flash cart perfectly. While it's not essential for using your Mig Flash, it offers the most convenient and elegant way to back up your games. The delay is due to the current market conditions where many ICs ("chips") are experiencing shortages. The Mig Flash cart and the Mig Dumper share some crucial components. Due to the severe shortage of these ICs, Mig Flash has decided to prioritize the Mig Flash card, given its higher demand and necessity. However, they assure that the Mig Dumper will follow soon after, maintaining the same high quality as the Mig Flash card. Thank you for your patience and support!

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