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MigFlash V2 Cartridge

MigFlash V2 Cartridge

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Introducing the MigFlash V2: our most anticipated update, now featuring a top toggle button for seamless game switching.


Functionality remains consistent with the original MigFlash, with added convenience. A quick button press advances to the next game on your microSD card, while a long press returns to the previous one.

This groundbreaking product is among the first of its kind, and we are one of the early distributors. Pre-order now to be among the first to get it when it arrives.

The Mig Flash is designed as a backup and development device, supporting gaming with personal game backups. This policy extends to online gaming. To keep the Mig Flash warranty valid during online play, use self-dumped backups with a genuine Certificate, UID, and Card Set ID. The warranty does not cover issues from non-compliance.

The Mig Flash is the only backup and development device requiring no installation or modification. Just plug & play!

  • MigFlash Cartridge Card (a microSD card is required and not included).
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